Mirai Hoshizaki in Mirai Hoshizaki Complete


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Description: Back to back videos of AV actress Mirai Hoshizaki. When you think Mirai Hoshizaki, think breasts. She has such nice breasts that even now, we are not sure if they are natural or not, but they are definately lookers. In 'Mirai Hoshizaki Complete', Mirai goes on a road trip for some outside exposure. From sex in the car, to blowjobs on the street to tons of toy play and exteme fingering of Mirai's pussy. The actor of the video even fingers Mirai so hard that she ends up sobbing in the nightvision scene. This video is old and in VCD mpeg format, so quality is not high compared to our other videos. This is an out of production video so keep it stored safely.